About HomeFull365

A USA company distributing and wholesaling

HomeFull365 is an USA-based company with factory background, distributing furniture and lightings directly from our manufacturing factories in China, thus buying from us ensures you at least three advantages if you compare with the middle sellers in the market:
1. the best combination of price and quality without any middle margin involves
2. all the products from us are with commercial standard, and quality warranty of 5-10 years.
3. Strong capacity for customization. Totally distinct from middle sellers, we can customize the items especially for you in various material, colors, sizes.
4. Not only excellent in offering qualified items with lowest cost, we also have developed a systematic supply network with several warehouses and shipping carriers involved in both West Coast and East Coast, thus buying us brings you other advantages including: * We can ship to your door address either directly from USA or from China with full protection from any damages and shipping problems, especially for the customization orders and some items you can never find in the US market. * Customers can pick up from our warehouse at a wholesale price and save the shipping fee, thus you will spend a total amount you can never expect in your local stores. * Resellers can have strong support from us covering nearly all the aspects of dealing including offering color swatch, catalogs, sampling, shipping, after-sale service.

Forever Maintenance Policy from HomeFull365

We offer you quality warranty of 5-10 years, what is more, we offer you Forever Maintenance Policy.
This means, even after 5 years, no matter how long you or your customers use the products, if the item or parts or accessories are worn or broken, we will send you free or low-cost replacements, help you repair damages or solve any problems to extend the usage span which is in another way, benefiting you or your customers from wasting a big amount to buy a new item.
You can find more details through the link about our Forever Maintenance Policy

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