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About HomeFull365


We once were a trading company sourcing products in Zhejiang and Guangdong Province of China for USA big companies, during when we began to get in touch with the industries and the key professional personnels.
In 2000, we used 200,000RMB to take on a furniture factory in Guangdong Foshan which was going to bankrupt, innovated it with new production lines and new administration. To survive, we have done OEM production (Original Equipment Manufacture) for American and European big brands for nearly 9 years, and our proudcts were selling worldwide with different names and brands at expensive cost while we got less than 5% as the OEM processing charge.
In 2007, we started a website to try the online business for the first time.
In 2009, we set up the website and began to sell in our own names and brands for Classic Modern Furniture.
In 2010, our USA company HomeFull365 was founded and USA warehouses and offices were set up for American market including USA, Canada, Mexica and other south American countries.
In 2015, we invested in a lighting factory in Zhongshan Guangdong, by which we had controlled the lighting production line. Our lighting factory website was live at the same year. And our product range expanded from furniture to lighting, and later to even bigger including decoration and etc.


With keeping investing in small factories for the excelent techniqies and craftsmanship, since 2015, for nearly 7 years, we have spent millions USD to develp the PRS system:

P-Production line:

With strong control of production lines, we have pushed our capacity to balance the producing cost and quality to a splended point.
In the before we do OEM production for those big purchasers from America and Europe, there was no space for us, but could only accept the low price they set if we wanted to get the orders. What middlemen wanted were only low prices. They once put it clearly: They didn't wish the products to be durable, but only last for 1-2 years. Once the guarantee period was over and they got broken, people could buy new items and they could make new profit again.
That is why for a very long time, the products from China gives the worldwide a very bad image: Cheap price but bad quality
But now we are able to reverse this completely, because we control the production line, and sell independantly.
We can control the quality with a very decent matching price. For example, we use commercial standard for business buyers, because it will be used for higher frequence. Thus the price is higher and higher level materials will be used. While for retail customers, we use middle level material and still can make it last for 5-10 years.
We offer "Forever Mantainence" policy which even after many years, customers can get free or low cost replacements from us, and make the product alive again.
We don't care if you buy from us and then use the products for a very long time during which we have no new profit any more.
We care something more than money.

R-Remote control:

No matter you like or not, the business pattern of Manufacturer-to-Middlemen store-to-End user is dying out and will be replaced by the new pattern of Manfacturer-directly-to-End user.
You are sitting at home, with some clicks, an item will be made in the production line particularly for you. If by air within less than 2 weeks, if by sea less than 4 weeks, it will appear at your door address, with your name on the package, with the color, material, style you have chosen.
We have developed 2 technologies to make this happen, no matter where you are, you will feel like you are buying at brick-and-mortar stores.
Our whole system has already been with highly Programming and Dataization. Each step starting from raw material, moulding, producing, painting, QC, packing until shipping, all data are digitized, and can be accessed easily by you. You can not only decide the color, the material, the style, you can also decide the price and quality.
Immersive Virtualization
With this technology, you can be personally on the scene, to see the items, feel it, just like you are in a real store.

S-Shipping to door worldwide:

In 2010, we set up the first shipping company in USA. In 2020, we set up the second shipping company in China. Currently we have 2 shipping companies connecting with thousands of carriers worldwide, as well as the supplychain service providers such as insurance companies.
With our powerful network, we can ship to worldwide for anything, from small screws to big furntiure.
Although the covid is still there, and the congestions in seaports and airports are still serious. But with our strong control in transportation, you can simply have a piece in mind, just give it a little more time waiting for items to arrive after payment.

Near future

We will develp an APP very soon with which our customers can get free items with points and existing shipment by using interspace technology.
Quality ensured, cost free, shipping fast. This is something you shall never miss.