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* Is the price on the website including the shipping fee? Is there any other fees I will need to pay after checkout?

The price on our website can be under two terms:
One is only for the product out of factory, which is the EXW price, which you will find the shipping fee from our factory to your door in the shipping option or other necessary fees when you add to cart.
The other is for the product out of local warehouse, and you will also find the shipping fee from our warehouse to your door in the shipping option or other necessary fees when you add to cart.
The reason we have those two price terms, because under one situation, the products are now in our factory, and we will ship them from factory to your door.
The other situation is the products are in our own or our resellers' or our wholesalers' warehouses, and we will ship them from the warehouses to your door address.

But no matter under which situation using which price term, you will find the total amount you are going to pay when you add to cart and in the checkout.
This is the amount you pay once and once for all. Normally there is no second-time payment.

* Why shipping fee is so high?

Some customer would ask: Why is your shipping fee much higher than your product price? Does that mean your products are with inferior quality?
This understanding is TOTALLY WRONG.
The real reason is because as a manufacturer, we are doing wholesale and retail at the same time, so in our website, there are two different types of shipping fee.

One type of shipping fee complies with the product price under EXW terms which means the price is for the product out of factory, so the transportation charges are from our China factory to your door address worldwide, including the shipping fee from our factory to HK seaport, then from HK seaport to the destination seaport, for example the LA seaport, then from LA seaport to our USA warehouses, then from our USA warehouses to your door address.
For this type of shipping fee, the amount is high, because it covers very long journey, while the product price is low.

The other type of shipping fee is for the products already stocked in our local warehouses in your country, which is the product price out of warehouses, so the transportation charges are only from our warehouse to your door address, this charge is low, while product price contains the cost of shipping the products from our factory in China to HK seaport, from HK seaport to the destination seaport, then from the destination seaport to the warehouses.

But one point shall be noted is that, in order to ensure the high quality and longer lifespan, we always try to sell the newly-made products instead of stocked products, especially for some sensitive items such as wooden products, expensive leather products. In that case, we will only ship from our factor to door which you will see shipping fee is high.

* Can you combine the shipment so I just pay one shipping fee when I buy more?

The shipping fee is counted based on the weight and dimension of the items you have bought.
For some situation, we will combine the shipment, but shipping them together doesn't mean you can pay just one shipping fee and save the shipping fee for others, because the total weight and dimension are still added, so the shipping fee for each item is inevitable.

But the shipping fee can be less if you buy more, as there will be discounts from carriers when shipping quantity is big, thus the average shipping fee for each item will be lower than the cost when you buy them separately.

If you buy bulk quantity, for example, 200pcs, we will ship them together via containers, just as our wholesalers or resellers, in that case, you will get the wholesale price or resale price with the combined shipment.

* What is the warranty period of your products?

As a manufacturer, we offer "Forever Maintenance" which you can never get from other resources and can save you a lot of money in the long term.

You are strongly suggested to know our "Forever Maintenance" Policy, as many buyers have been benefitted from this policy.

* How to order?

You can press "add to cart" and then go to the shopping cart, review and checkout, the process is simple.
You can also directly contact us and send us an email or a text for your order request including:
1.The model number or the product name or style name
2.The quantity you want
3.The shipping address and most important, the zip code
4.What color you want
5.What material you want, for example, about leather, you want top grain leather or italian leather
6.What size you want
7.Do you need the accelerated shipping or do you have any deadline for shipping?
8.Any special requirements?

For US customers, you'd better send the email or text message, for customers from other country, you can send us the email or add us in WhatsApp.

You are also strongly suggest to click here to read before order to know further details about ordering from us.

* How can I view all your products?

Follow this link, you can download our full catalogs.

* I have seen some bad reviews online about you, is that true? Can I trust you?

We have suffered from scam from some vicious middlemen, review website and buyers who never really buy from us but fake bad reviews to defame and rob us.
You shall click here to know about us.
And click here to know the truth about those bad review and dig into the dirty business and industry behind it.
Then decide whether you shall choose us or search elsewhere.

* What kind of shipping method do you use?

We use different shipping method for different items and different quantities.

For small items or small quantity, we will use airfreight.
For large items or large quantity, we will use seafreight.
No matter what shipping method will be used, it will be most economical and safe for delivery.
If you have an emergency, you need to contact us and specify the deadline, and extra fee will be needed for expedited service.

* Do you deliver to Europe or Africa or other areas in the world?

Yes, we deliver worldwide.

* What is the delivery time?

Usually we will dispatch parcel within 5 business days.
For some customized orders, we will need more time to produce which depends on the exact requirements from the buyers.
In most situation, shipping by air takes around 1-3 weeks to arrive. Shipping by sea takes around 4-8 weeks to arrive.

We will send you tracking No. and update you the shipping information all the time, that is why we ask our customers to leave the cell phone with us, as many of you may not check emails everyday, but text message is easy and convenient to get, and we promise that we never text customers if not for necessary.

* How to Track my order?

Please follow this link to learn about How to Track and Receive your order.

* What should I do if there is a shipping delay?

Please follow this link to learn about What Should You do if there is a shipping delay.

* What if the products I received were damaged during the transportation?

We have the "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" policy to solve this problem for you.
Please follow this link to learn about our "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" Policy.

* What if the products I received were not what I expected?

Same as above, we have the "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" policy to solve this problem.
Please follow this link to learn about our "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" Policy.

* Is it possible for me to pick up the products from your warehouse to save the shipping fee?

Just as said above, we don't stock everything in the warehouses, especially our product range is so wide. So you have to contact us first to check whether the styles you are targeting is in the local stock or not.
If yes, then you can do the pickup, please click here to learn about our Warehouse pickup terms.

* What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, such as Bank Transfer, Zeller, Credit card and etc.
Payment is secured and we will not charge anything unless you confirm your order via email or text message which we will send to you within 24 hours after you order.

* How can I get discounts or coupon?

You can click here to know our policy for Discounts and Coupons.

You are also suggested to enroll into our Newsletter system which will send you discounts and promotion news from time to time.

For customers who have the VIP account with us, you will have 1-5% discounts for each order and 2% Cash Rewards. You can click here to know about our Membership policy.

You are also welcome to join our Affiliate Program, Reseller Program or DBWP program, which you can make money with the least efforts and biggest profit.

* What is your return policy?

You can click here to know our return policy.

* Can I request color swatches?

Yes, we offer regular color swatch and full color swatch to different customers based on their different buying requirements. You just need to contact us to request.

You can also click here to view our Full Color Swatches.