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Reseller Program of HomeFull365

Brief Introduction about our Reseller Program

With this program, you will get a whole reseller pricelist for all the products, and most of them are with no minimum quantity requirements, but with high wholesale quality.

We also will update you with newly developed products and send you fresh catalogs with which you can keep your customers'eyes for you.

We will look into your market, make plans for the supply to your business together with you and ensure you the biggest profit and most competitive power in your local market.

We will take care all the steps during the dealings, from sampling, production to examination, shipping items to door, until after-sale service, making you and your customers 100% satisfaction as an ultimate goal.

Requirements to be Reseller:

You can apply to be our resellers no matter you are individuals or companies as long as you meet the 3 requirements as below:

1. Have great interests in selling our products.

2. Have a website or an online store or a local brick-and-mortar shop.

3. Have the background of selling or network of selling and able to reach selling target.

Reseller Benefits:

Once your application of reseller is approved, you will get the support from us as below:

1. The reseller discounts (vary based on your selling capacity)

2. If needed, a website will be offered which can be synchronized with our product database as well as our stock in USA, with a free domain name at a yearly cost of $199.

3. Free Samples based on your reseller rank.

4. Free customization for any special or unique orders.

5. Free warehousing and storage based on the reseller rank)

6. Full supply chain system including shipping directly from warehouses at the lowest cost without any additional fees

7. Free booklet or brochures for marketing

Open & Close the Reseller account:

To open a Reseller account, please contact us with the subject of "Enroll into Reseller Program" and specify your basic situation and background.

To keep our Reseller Network more active, if a reseller can not maintain the 3 requirements and can not make a deal within one month, the Reseller Account will be closed automatically.

An example of Reseller Program

DesignReplica.com is an example of our Reseller Program.

For this reseller, we built a website for him, and synchronize it with our product database, so it will be automatically updated with new products.

While at the same time, the reseller owns the domain name, and has full access to the backend of the website, and he can adjust all the product information on the website including price, pictures, description and etc. Of course, he could also choose to do nothing, and just let us automatically update the website.

For all the orders placed on this reseller website, 10% commission will go to his pocket immediately, while processing the orders will be fully taken care by us, from producing, shipping, pre-sale or after-sale support.

For all the orders not placed on this reseller website, but redirected from this website, 10% commission will go to reseller too, because the reseller will take efforts to promote the website online or offline.

We also have sent catalogs, color swatches, samples and all marketing related data to the reseller and help him to develop his selling network in his areas.