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Return Policy


You can cancel your order within 7 days after you place the order on the website for free

Once you place the order on our website and make the payment, your money will be held temporarily for 7 days without any real charge.

There will be a simple copy of your order information instantly and automatically sent by our system to the email you fill in during the checkout. And there will be another order confirmation email which will be sent by our sales to your email within 24 hours, in which we will double check with you for all the details including style, color,size, shipping method, shipping address, delivery time and etc., in case sometimes customers may make mistakes in the order.

Within this holding period of 7 days, we will need a response by email from you:
If you confirm to proceed, we will charge the amount and proceed based on your confirmation of all the details.
If you specify to revise something, we will help you revise by either canceling the previous order and re-ordering, or sending you an invoice for adding amount or refunding partial amount.
If you specify to cancel the order, then we will relieve the holding of your payment, and the fund will get back to your account and nothing will be charged ever since.

If you don't give us any reply, we then will proceed based on your previous order details and your order will be sent in all the details by default. For example, we will make the order as the style you have seen on our website, we will ship the order via the default economic shipping method without any accelerated shipping.
This means: when the 7 days of holding period finishes, and if you don't clearly specify by email to us for cancellation or revision, your order will be processed by default because you have already placed the order and a sale contract has been made between you and us.

After the 7 days of holding period finishes, and we have already processed your order, then you come to us and want to cancel the order, then whether the cancellation is accepted or not based on the status of the order:
If the order is an customized order, and is already made, hasn't been dispatched, we can cancel the order but 70% of the order amount must be charged because the customization specially for you can not be sold easily to other.
If the order is not a customized order, and hasn't been dispatched, we will cancel the order and 30% of the order amount must be charged as the re-stocking fee.
If the order has been already dispatched, we will first try to retrieve the parcel because most of the time retrieving the parcel will be much cheaper than you returning it. If we can retrieve the parcel successfully, then customers will pay for the cost of retrieving it together with the cost of sending it out. If we are unable to retrieve it, then customers have to get it first and then pay to return it. Once the parcel dispatched returns to us, we will check its status immediately, and if it is perfect, we will partially refund the order deducing the shipping of shipping out and possible retrieving fee, together with the 30% re-stocking cost.


Missing not caused by customers

* We are responsible for any missing problems not caused by the customer, as long as you have put the right shipping address which is able to be delivered. Once we have got confirmation from the carrier that the parcel is missing, we will dispatch a new parcel in no time to you.
We will also send compensation if there are serious delays due to the missing and resending of a new parcel. Hope you can tolerate and forgive those problems.

Missing not caused by customers

* If the missing problem is caused by customer, such as putting a wrong address, especially the wrong zip code which causes the wrong relay of the route, then the responsibility for delay and missing shall be taken by customers yourselves.
But we will try our best to help you correct the mistakes and solve the problem, you may need to either wait longer for the parcel to arrive or re-order a new item if the parcel is missing.


Terms For Normal Return

* We are responsible for any quality problems and will ensure the customers 100% satisfaction by exchange, refund, or repair, as outlined in this policy, the return below refers to the return buyers want to do simply just because they don't want any more or want an exchange.

* Any returns for customized orders are NOT accepted especially for the one made of rare and expensive materials you designate. For some people who try to manipulate the biased protection policy for the buyer from the credit card company to take advantage and exploit others, refer to this lawsuit we put up against Michelle Facktor and Bank of America, and clean up your indecent ideas immediately.

* Merchandise must be claimed for return within 7 days of reception and must be returned within 15 days of reception once your request for return is accepted by us.

* All items will incur a 30% restocking fee unless otherwise stated on the actual product page. Some products are considered special or customized items and unfortunately are not returnable.

* Merchandise must be new (never been used) and in its original carton with all the packing materials, manuals, and registration cards. We will not accept dirty, washed or used products.

* Please enclose your order/invoice number and/or a copy of your e-mail confirmation with your return along with a memo explaining the reason for return.

* All refunds & exchanges are subject to the final approval of our quality control division.

Terms For Abnormal Return

* If you got something wrong, for example, you ordered Item A, but got Item B, or you ordered white color, but got the black color, we will be responsible to switch the parcel for you within 24 hours after you report the wrong parcel.
* The switch process will be done in the following 5 steps:
Step 1, we will arrange for UPS to pick up the wrong parcel from you within 48-72 hours after your confirmation.
Step 2, it will take 3-7 days for the wrong parcel to arrive from your address to our warehouse.
Step 3, we will check the parcel and make sure it is in perfect status within 24 hours after its arrival at our warehouse.
Step 4, we will ship out the new parcel within 24 hours after the checking is done.
Step 5, it will take 3-7 days for the new parcel to arrive at you from our warehouse.
* Because the switching process will cause you to wait longer, to compensate you for this, we will offer a 10% discount on the cost you have paid for this item. And you shall get this part of the refund within 1-2 weeks after the new parcel has arrived at you.

*If you don't want to switch but directly want to cancel the order and request a refund, we will issue you a full refund for the order, the refund process will be done in the following 4 steps:
Step 1, we will arrange for UPS to pick up the wrong parcel from you within 48-72 hours after your confirmation.
Step 2, it will take 3-7 days for the wrong parcel to arrive from your address to our warehouse.
Step 3, we will check the parcel and make sure it is in perfect status within 24 hours after its arrival at our warehouse.
Step 4, we will issue you a full refund within 24 hours after the checking is done.
* Because we sent the wrong parcel to cause you to cancel the order, to compensate you for this, we will offer a 10% discount coupon which you can use in future purchases. And you shall get this coupon within 1-2 weeks after we issue the full refund.

*All buyers shall read the terms above and accept that, if the steps above are not done, the new parcel for the switch can not be sent, nor the refund can not be issued.

*We reserve the right to take legal action against the people or entity who ask for a new parcel or refund, but haven't returned the old parcel yet, or return a parcel but not in its original perfect status.

Return Shipping Costs

* We will be responsible for return shipping costs due to transportation damages or quality problems. Customers will be responsible for return shipping costs if you just don't want it anymore or want to exchange.

* We can help customers to return the merchandise by using our shipping system and arrange drivers to pick up if it is cheaper than customer arranges return shipping by themselves to the return address where the merchandise is shipped from. In this scenario, customers shall specify and request a prepaid shipping label. The costs associated with the label will be deducted from the refund amount once the item has been received. Please send your prepaid label requests to sales@HomeFull365.com, be sure to include your order number as well as the reason for your return. Our returns department will process your request and will reply within 3 business days with the shipping costs.

* Customers may ship back returns with their own shipping methods however for your protection, we recommend using insured shipping for return shipments. Additionally, we recommend that customers who decide to make a return on their own request a tracking number from the shipper for their records.

* If there is any damage during the return shipping process, we may refuse the refund and customers will need to claim compensation to your carrier by yourself.

* For any returned Merchandise, we will issue refund reducing the initial shipping fee from us to customers if the return is for non-quality problem. All refunds & exchanges are subject to the final approval of our quality control division.

How To Return An Item

1. Please send an email first to sales@HomeFull365.com to request a return and Specify the reason
2. Within 3 business days, we will reply with the exact return address and operation details.
3. Within 5 business days when the returned merchandise arrives in perfect status, we will refund or exchange or do related steps.

Resell instead of Return

We can help customers to resell the items you don' t want any more, by doing which you can not only save the shipping fee to return it but also can make a little money if you sell it locally. We will send you details once we get your email with this intention.


100% Perfect Status Before Dispatch

We will ensure the product in 100% perfect status by delegating the shipping company to do the QC examination before dispatch.
Strong and protective package will be also done and reviewd by the shipping company.
All the QC details and pictures will be sent to customers at the same for confirmation before dispatch.

Damages During the Transportation

* Before the dispatch of all the orders, we will put them go through the strict QC examination for every detail, and you will also get all the details including the pictures of QC examination before the shipment. Thus there is no chance we would send damaged items, if you found the products damaged on opening, it 100% happens during the transportation.

* Customers shall not be worried about this situation, and we will be responsible for any problems during the transportation, you will either get a full refund or a new item based on your confirmation.

* What should you do if you found the parcel arrived with damages? Just 2 simple steps:

Step 1: If there are obvious damages on the outside package, ask the deliveryman to put a note in the receipt to specify the damage situation and sign, and then you can accept the parcel. You then take a picture of the receipt and send it to us by email if you find anything wrong inside the package.

Step 2: Unpack and check the items ASAP. If you find anything missing or damaged or getting wrong, take photos for the status including the damages pictures, the outside package picture, the shipping label on the package, and send to us by email.
As soon as we get your email about the damage details , we will file a claim to the carrier, they will take the damaged product from you, and after that, we will either issue a full refund to you or send a new item to you based on your confirmation.

All the processes will be done within 7 business days, and you either get a full refund or a new shipment within 7 business days. So you don't need to worry at all, but just be a little patient to let the processes be finished and all your profit is fully protected.

If the buyer doesn't allow 7 days for the due process, or doesn't follow the steps, not providing the necessary pictures or information, or putting up a dispte directly through the bank without letting the carriers pick up the damaged item first, the refund request or process will be declined or delayed until the due process is finished.

Damages After Your Reception

If there are damages after the delivery and during your usage, you can come to us for replacement or repair too because all the products offered from us are protected by our "Forever Maintenance Policy". Simply send us an email for the situation, and we will take care for you from there.


If you deal with us, you will find out we are very careful and attentive, some customers even said we are too thoughtful, because we may exchange several emails to double-check one detail and make it accurate as much as possible.
So it is not strange we have less than 10 disputes per year while we process thousands of orders.
Disputes happen because what is in your mind, after being likely mispresented via your words or expressions, is probably misunderstood by us who will definitely carry out a wrong action under this misinterpreted idea.
That is why we always double-check with you, and use the graphics method to make it as accurate as possible, for example, we will use pictures to show the color and style, instead of just text, drawings instead of figures, and etc.
If after so many efforts, there are still something wrong happening, then you shall trust that we can solve the dispute via a mutual understanding and compromise.

Our whole system is built and reviewed all the time by our professional legal team, we believe we can protect your rights to the biggest extents and solve any possible disputes in advance.

If at the beginning you don't cooperate to help us understand fully what is in your mind, and when it comes to disputes, accusing other of doing wrong, then please refer to this article "Why should you buy from us or search elsewhere", and probably you shall search elsewhere.