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Specification of this offer

Glass showcase jewelry showcases, wine and tobacco racks, boutique showcases, mobile phone displays, museum halls, and jewelry showcases are available. Source customization is available in terms of size and color. For example, Product A comes in 100*50*90cm and it is not inclusive of glass and Product B comes in 120*50*90cm with tempered glass and lighting holders. All products come with tempered glass of 10-year warranty, with custom sizes and colors available as well.Please be noted, our websites are under mass upgrading and the specification above was initially made by AI and will be gradually refined by humans.Thus, you may see some mistakes,or some elements will be adjusted later after your first viewing. Please feel free to contact us to get a confirmation of the product's specifications first before you place the order. And there is a chance your order may be canceled without checking first due to some inaccurate information in the specification. But please don't worry, we will double check with you after your order and only charge after your full confirmation, and if your order needs to be canceled, we will compensate you with a discount coupon. Thank you very much for all your support and attention.

Glass Counter Jewelry Cabinet Liquor Shelf Boutique Cabinet Phone Display Museum Exhibit Jewelry Showcase

  • Model No.: HF7-3F20
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